Gotte Roland Gottlow

I am a musician, an artist, singer and performer from southern Scandinavia.- I’ve been around for a while so some of my musician friends abroad call me ”Maestro” and yes I like that. In my younger days I developed a great interest in Jazz and Blues and picked up the clarinet, saxophone and the piano. Later on I took up guitar, accordion and singing. After my travels in WestAfrica I also try the ngoni. My musical influences are many, from old folkmusic  to contemporary improvisation. Some of my musical heroes are Don Cherry, Doctor John, Mahalia Jackson and many African masters.

I once said:
”When you’ve been around for a while,
you wanna go back to where you belong.
And you play the music plain and simple.”

But now I feel that I belong to many places
and you got to tell your story wherever you are.
Gotte Roland Gottlow

Here you find some of my music

Here you find some of my pictures


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